Whipple 4.0 Crusher 03-04 Cobra

Whipple 4.0 Crusher 03-04 Cobra


SKU: w245axhpr


Whipple Features:

  • Instant boost and more low end torque than any other supercharger.
  • Fits under the stock hood, no nothching required with optional Whipple K-member spacer kit.
  • 245 cubic inch vs. 90 cubic inch.
  • Far greater power potential than smaller superchargers, roots, TVS and twin-screw.
  • Crusher inlet for massive airflow capacity.
  • Massive crusher mono-blade billet throttle body with 1900cfm capability.
  • Massive 123mm round MAF housing for over 2000cfm capacity. Far greater airflow than "oval" style MAF's.
  • Massive 123mm plastic inlet tube.
  • Massive "true flow" 9" S&B filter with high flow venturi inlet.
  • Boost range 20-30psi.
  • HPR (High Pressure Ratio) discharge port design for higher efficiency at boost levels over 15psi.
  • Indsutry leading fit and finish.
  • Available in black, polished or a custom color (contact Whipple).